In a big way, it's about 'The desire to be an illusion.’ 

Because of the anxiety about the situation or the future, most of us starting to have the desire to be delusional. Desire dominates our minds and locks us in the accomodations. 

 The colony of ants borrowed from Dali's paintings, symbolizes a corrupt place. The ungrounded desires only make us more lethargic and corrupt.

Most elements of clothing can be separated, and new combinations are possible if desired.


The class that wanted to define art as a sentence made us lose interest.  

It is art because it cannot be defined by words, and we have the right to be more free from the act or meaning of defining art.  Art, which is shared only by certain people, will eventually lose its net function. We want to communicate more deeply with more diverse people. 

Whether it's art or fashion. Whatever.


The painting with patos brush-touch is started with the theme of 'PARANOID'. 

We switching this painting to digital images and created the only fabric with grotesque bitmap image.

 All the faults or delusions of the mind eventually come from overprotection from the world. 

The feelings of humiliation, criticism and oppression make us anxious, nervous and uncomfortable. The intense drawing was reborn through a flexible medium called fashion.